Saturday, April 26

Weekend Reading


Happy Weekend! It is a beautiful morning here in the Rocky Mountains. Looking forward to a day of yard work before it snows this evening. That's right, I said snow! Life at 9300 ft. above sea level, gotta love it. Enjoy the rest of your day & see you next week.

Here is what caught my eye this week:

Will & Kate went glamping in Australia.

A great blog to follow if you like camping & road trips.

5 tips to keep squirrels out of your plants & garden.

How to make a Succulent Planter Wall.

Have you heard about the new magazine, Gluten-Free Forever? {If you are interested, you can contribute to their Kickstarter campaign.}

5 Gluten Free Beers that are worth drinking. My personal recommendation: If you can get your hands on Omission IPA, buy it {especially if you like hoppy beers}. We have it here in Colorado, but I haven't seen it east of the Mississippi {River} yet.

Must make: Asparagus & Sweet Potato Hash.

Soulcrafting: Learn & create with master craftspeople in your community. Love it!

This Etsy shop has really cool boho-print accent pillows.

Currently coveting this Amethyst Spike Gold Ring.

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Friday, April 25

Happy Arbor Day!


Happy Arbor Day {and Friday}! Arbor Day encourages all of us to take time to plant & care for our trees. The holiday originated in Nebraska in 1872, where an estimated one million trees were planted on the first Arbor Day. That is a lot of trees! If you would like to read more about the history of Arbor Day, check out this article. Many countries around the world now celebrate this holiday. The more trees, the merrier!

One of our goals is to plant more trees on our property. Last month, I placed an order for 200 bare root & seedling {both evergreen & deciduous} trees! Yes, we are going to be very busy soon. They arrive in May, which is better for our mountain planting season. We've started digging holes & prepping the soil. I'll give you more info and an update once the trees arrive & we start planting. So I technically won't be planting a tree today, but I'm going to give our existing trees a little love & take a walk in the nearby National Forest

If you would like more information about planting trees in your state, click here.

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Thursday, April 24

5 Simple Rules for Happiness


Such simple rules, yet not always easy to follow. Thoughts?

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Friday, April 18

Weekend Reading


Happy Friday! As you are reading this, I'm on a 12-hour road trip {yes, traveling again} to my sister's for Easter to see my new niece, Mimi. Looking forward to a long weekend with family. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Here is what caught my eye this week:

Cake! Especially this Sugar Free, Gluten Free Coconut Cake.

And take that cake recipe & use the 3" ring mold recommended here to make little layered cakes.

Loving the Handmade Boho Weavings in this shop.

How to make Rose Lip Balm.

Have you heard of Alt Summit? They are offering free classes online. {I also like CreativeLive's classes, which are free to watch during the live broadcast. And if you keep an eye on their calendar, you can catch the free re-broadcasts.}

A cute 'Free Spirit' boho art print.

I want to focus on creating outdoor living spaces on our property this summer, like this one.

I'm ready for a Strawberry Watermelon Mojito!

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Thursday, April 17

New! Gold + Brass Boho Feather Earrings

I'm excited to share a new earring design with you today! I've been busy working in my studio designing new pieces to add to my handmade bohemian jewelry collection. This pair is inspired by the beautiful, intricate details of peacock feathers. {A personal tidbit about me, I really love feathers!} The boho feather earrings feature 14k gold plated ear wires and lightweight brass metal pendants. They are perfect to wear everyday, no matter if you are wearing your favorite maxi dress, jeans + tank, or swimsuit.

Also, I've been thinking about doing a giveaway. What do you think? What types of giveaways do you like to enter? Leave a comment below, I'm open to all suggestions!

Wednesday, April 16

Travel as much as you can...


If you are free-spirited like me, you know how hard it is to live in the same house, town, state, etc. for an extended period of time. I'm always dreaming about the next place I want to live {or live in}. I thrive on a change of scenery. Since graduating from college, I've lived in 4 different states. We've lived in 3 different houses + our Airstream here in Colorado alone. I think it's more about the adventure of trying something new vs. getting bored with where I'm at. Or maybe I'm just a gypsy at heart. So how do I keep my spirit from feeling 'stuck'? Traveling!

Traveling, even for a weekend {yep, we are those weekend warrior types}, to a new {or favorite} place is good for the soul. Road trips are a necessity. Camping makes it more affordable. We're lucky to live in such a great part of the country with so many places that are easy to explore for a weekend. But my heart really skips a beat when we travel to beach destinations near & far. I might be the only person who found a way to turn a trip to Jackson, Wyoming into a beach vacation! I'll fill you in on that later.

Try it - travel as much as you can, as far as you can, for as long as you can. Where are you inspired to travel to next?

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Friday, April 11

Weekend Reading


Happy Friday! I hope you all had a fantastic week. Mine started at the beach, and is going to end with snow here in Colorado. I'm so ready for flip flop weather! But looks like I can't put away my winter clothes yet... Have a lovely weekend, friends!

Here is what caught my eye this week:

This Etsy shop has adorable boho-style kids clothing & accessories, especially the leggings. I think I'm going to buy a pair for Mimi.

Speaking of Etsy, this advanced shop critique worksheet looks really helpful for shop owners. 

How to make Lemon Mango Mint Body Scrub.

I'm excited to read Ashley's new book, Handmade Gatherings.

25 things that are cheaper at Whole Foods.

I like following Tim & Mary's gardening adventures. They always have great propagating ideas, too!

This is a cool way to keep a grocery shopping list in the kitchen.

Love these boho kimonos!

Have you heard of black bean pasta? This recipe for Sweet Potato & Black Bean Pasta Summer Rolls with Coconut-Lime Tahini Sauce looks like a winner! Plus, it's gluten free.

I think my Great Pyr needs a teardrop camper doghouse.

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Thursday, April 10

Back from Florida...

I love last minute vacations! My husband found out he needed to go to Florida for work, and I was more than happy to tag along. The weather was in the 80s and sunny the entire time, perfect for hanging out on the beach & swimming in the ocean. I'll share more details & photos soon, and get back to my regular blogging schedule with a weekend reading post tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 1

Hello, April!

Can you spot our 1971 Airstream buried in the snow?

April always proves to be any interesting month, weather-wise, in the mountains. It can be in the 60s and sunny one day, then a snowstorm will move in and quickly drop 5 feet of snow. We always seem to get a big upslope storm every April. When you live in the Front Range mountains, you know an upslope storm can mean 6 inches or 6 feet of snow.

The photo above is from April 2009, when we received 6 feet of heavy wet snow in 48 hours at our house {NOAA originally predicted 3 feet}. We were without power for 4 days & completely snowed in. We had a blast, thanks to a stocked refrigerator & keg fridge, plenty of candles and card games! The only thing we didn't have enough of was bottled water. That was an easy fix though; we just melted/boiled snow in soup pots on the top of our wood stove. I don't think our dog knew the difference, considering like most dogs, he enjoys eating snow!

Getting a big storm in April is never a bad thing for our area. It usually helps decrease the wildfire danger for a little while. And everything really starts blooming afterwards. So in our case, it's more like April 'snowshowers' bring May flowers.