Friday, November 13

Exciting News!

Home Sweet Home.

I can't believe my last blog post was many months ago... I sincerely apologize to you for my absence. If you are still checking in here, THANK YOU. And if you are a new reader, WELCOME!!

As you know, life happens and things can get crazy and busy at the same time. It has been both for us. But we have some very exciting news to share! We are moving!!!

Ironically, we are only moving 5 miles away (as the crow flies), but we have finally found our dream property. 40 acres of beautiful, relatively flat, forested land in the mountains! I have sat & looked out our living room windows at this mountain location for over 9 years. It still is hard to believe it is all ours.

My dreams of a real homestead are coming to fruition. Plenty of room for livestock, barns, chicken coops, gardens, studios, workshops, a homebrewery, hop trellises, teepees, glamping tents, and an Airstream pad. Room to grow, room to create, room to share, room to breathe. With views of the Continental Divide to inspire.

We are blessed to be on this new & exciting journey. I hope you will follow along, and be inspired to make your dreams come true, too.