Friday, March 28

Weekend Reading


Happy Friday! Can you believe it's almost April?! I hope your week was better than mine; I've been sick with a flu / cold virus that has knocked me out. I don't have anything exciting planned for the weekend... I'm just hoping I feel better! Have a great weekend, friends!

Here is what caught my eye this week:

A Gluten Free, Flourless Carrot Cake recipe. Yes, please! 

How to make an agate jewelry box.

I LOVE the Aida Coronado boho dress featured at the top of this post. Check out their shop, such fab boho pieces {from Sayulita, Mexico}.

This cute leather constellation bracelet is the perfect accessory for spring.

I can't own enough lip balm, and these lip butter balms are on my list to buy next.

Take me away to this secluded beach...

I really want a beaded chandelier for my bedroom; this DIY chandelier looks easy to make & is affordable.

A yummy dinner recipe for Honey Chipotle Chicken & Lime Quinoa Bowls.

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Monday, March 24

Meet Mila 'Mimi' Grace!

Heading home from the hospital.

Meet my niece, Mila Grace! Mimi {love that nickname!} arrived Friday afternoon, and already went home yesterday. My sister was in labor for about 6 hours, and everything went as perfect as it can. Mimi is wearing the same blue sweater, hat and blanket my sister came home in from the hospital, all handmade by my great-grandmother. I can't wait to see this little cutie-patootie in person!

Friday, March 21

Weekend Reading


Happy Friday! I hope you all had a good week. No major plans here for the weekend, unless the baby arrives! My sister is due any day now. I'm really excited to become an aunt! We know she is having a little girl, and I can't wait to spoil the kiddo rotten. Have a great weekend, friends!

Here is what caught my eye this week:

I'm going to make these natural cleaning products; I bet they are more affordable to make vs. the ones I buy at the store. Plus they come with cute, free printable labels!

10 tips for photographing your dog.

Love this brown eggs + white paint pen =  Easter egg decor idea. Super easy!

This Spinach & Artichoke Quinoa Bake recipe looks delicious! Easy to make it gluten free, too. If you love quinoa as much as I do, take a peek at the quinoa recipes I've been collecting to try.

A great example of using a rubber stamp for packaging.

One of my favorite blogs to read.

I can't stop thinking about these fab vintage mint green diner stools.

And I need these adorable little jewel gem soaps.

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Thursday, March 20

Welcome Spring!

Vintage Mint Green Diner Stools

Boho Ceramic Coasters

Beach Bohemian Girl

Sands of Time Boho Necklace

Boho Aqua Laundry Hamper

Beach Bohemian Fashion

Fringe Boho Fashion Bikini

Boho Turquoise Arrow Vane Ring

Lip Gloss DIY

Let's Go To The Beach

Vintage White Feather Boho Milk Glass Vase Planter

Outdoor Bohemian Decor Space

Vintage Blue Apothecary Glass Jar Container

Succulent Plant Decor

Organic Boho Maxi Dress

We are welcoming Spring today with warm weather & blue skies here in Colorado. I'm ready for the transition to hot weather, green grass, days on the lake, gardening outdoors, alfresco dining and soaking up all of the Vitamin D I can get. I find myself drawn to blues & greens, and all things beach-related this time of year. What are you looking forward to now that Spring has officially arrived?

Wednesday, March 19

Don't Just Wish It, Do It!


What is the one thing you've been dreaming about, that one thing you wish you could be doing right this minute? The thing that keeps you awake at night. The thing you are passionate about. The thing you love to do. The thing you do best. The thing that makes you, you.

Chase your dream. Take a leap of faith. Go after it. Make it happen. JUST. DO. IT.

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Tuesday, March 18

Healthy Living: Ayurvedic Oil Pulling

Have you heard of oil pulling? I've read a lot about it lately, so I decided to give it a try! I've been oil pulling now for 3 weeks, and can honestly say I love it. Let me give you a little background...

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic dental health practice used to remove heavy metals, bad bacteria & toxins from the body. It involves swishing oil in the mouth, and pulling it between the teeth. The recommended oil to use is coconut oil {I buy the Nutiva brand at Costco}. You want to oil pull on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Many people have reported oil pulling has whitened their teeth, reduced plaque, improved both oral hygiene / gum health in general, and even gotten rid of cavities!

Here are the 5 simple steps to get started:

1) Measure 1 Tbsp. of coconut oil on a spoon, and let the oil melt in your mouth {Note: if your coconut oil is solid, it will melt quickly, usually within 30 seconds}. If 1 Tbsp. seems like too much liquid in your mouth, you can start with 1 tsp. instead.

2) Swish the oil around your mouth & pull it between the teeth for 20 minutes. Be sure you don't swallow any of the liquid {since it now contains the toxins it has pulled from your body!}.

3) Spit the oil out into a garbage can. Don't spit it out into a sink because the oil can solidify & potentially clog your drain.

4) Fill a glass with warm water, 1/2 tsp. of baking soda, and a 1/2 tsp. of salt. Thoroughly rinse your mouth by swishing & gargling.

5) Brush your teeth with fluoride-free toothpaste and floss. I use Tom's of Maine. {After brushing your teeth, rinse your toothbrush under hot water for at least 10 seconds to remove any toxins left on it.}

That's it! My mouth feels so clean after oil pulling; I've noticed less plaque, healthier gums, and my tongue looks pink and healthy. I'll give you another update in a few months. It is safe to oil pull every day - you can even do it up to 3 times a day if you like. This book is a great resource if you would like to learn more about the benefits of oil pulling.

Have you tried oil pulling? What results have you had? 

** As always, you should check with your dentist before starting oil pulling {especially if you have amalgam fillings}.

Friday, March 14

Weekend Reading


Happy Friday! After a long week, I'm so happy the weekend has finally arrived. I'm sure we'll be skiing, and I need to finish up our taxes. I always try to get them done in March to get it over with. Anything accounting related is like having teeth pulled, for me at least. I hope you all are doing something more fun than working on taxes! See you next week.

Here is what caught my eye this week:

A great roundup of some really cool wallpaper.

I could look at photos of rustic cabins all day long.

10 'people' foods you can share with your dog {I was surprised to see pineapple on the list!}.

I'm not into bird watching, but this Colorado festival looks fun, especially staying on a working farm/ranch.

I really like this gypsy soul hoop art piece.

Pendleton beach/bath towels. Enough said.

This zucchini noodle recipe looks really yummy! Gluten free, too.

A giveaway for Cocoa Manna, which is described as 'red-winey hot cocoa'. Sign me up!

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Thursday, March 13

The Wildlife-Friendly Vegetable Gardener Book


Two years ago, I decided I wanted to try my hand at gardening, to see if I inherited a 'green thumb' from my great-grandparents. All I can say is growing my own organic food {outdoors and indoors} has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. Not only is homegrown food good for you, but freshly picked fruits & veggies taste AMAZING. I've also found spending time in my garden is really relaxing; it honestly doesn't feel like work or a 'chore'.

So... gardening at 9300 feet, in the mountains, in Colorado, can be challenging to say the least. {Which I think the challenge is one reason gardening appeals to me so much.} One of the major challenges is dealing with the local wildlife. I've had an entire garden bed of lettuce & greens demolished in one evening by chipmunks & squirrels. The wildlife has eaten leaves off of newly planted aspen trees & columbine flowers {all of which died shortly thereafter - so annoying!}. I've even caught a coyote standing in one of my raised beds! Seriously.

I happened upon The Wildlife-Friendly Vegetable Gardener Book at my library. I read Tammi's blog & really enjoyed {and recommend} her book, Homegrown Herbs. She also lives in Colorado & faces the same challenges, plus successfully maintains an organic herb farm {which I'm really hoping to visit this spring}. Her books are easy reads & great for beginning gardeners. I've learned many useful tips, tricks and general gardening practices that have helped me a lot. I'm looking forward to finding ways for my garden to better co-exist with our local wildlife. When I finish reading the book, I'll update this post with my review.

What gardening challenges do you have? I'd also love to hear any gardening book recommendations you have!

*** UPDATE ***

I just finished reading the book, and would definitely recommend it to any gardener. There is a lot of information related to wildlife and gardening in general. The book has inspired me to start a nature journal, which Tammi discusses the types of observations to make & information to include. She covers how to utilize the 'no-dig' method to convert grass lawn into a garden {and it is easy to do!}. I found the section on herbs that attract and repel good & bad insects/pollinators/wildlife extremely helpful. I try to grow as many culinary herbs as possible, so it was great to learn which ones can actually help. If you have an organic garden like me, you will appreciate her natural alternatives to pesticides & repellents {you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen!}. Finally, I enjoyed the section on building a cold frame. This is something I would like to incorporate into our garden, and she provided great details that I haven't read anywhere else before.

If you decide to read the book, leave a comment when you've finished it to let us know how you liked it. What were the most useful tips you learned?

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Friday, March 7

Weekend Reading on a Snowy Friday

The view outside today.

Happy Friday! It is snowing outside, and the inches are accumulating quickly. Days like this are perfect for hanging out by the wood stove & catching up with my favorite blogs. NOAA says it's going to be in the 50s on Sunday, so the snow is going to melt fast. And I'm not complaining about that! Speaking of Sunday {or Saturday night before bed}, remember to set your clocks ahead one hour. Are you looking forward to having more daylight in the evenings like me? Have a great weekend, friends!

Here is what caught my eye this week:

33 things every Coloradoan should know how to do.

How to set up a home bar with Kelly Wearstler.

Finally, a recipe for Gluten Free Wonton Wrappers!

Lots of great gardening inspiration from 17 Apart {plus a plant marker giveaway from a local Boulder business}.

I'm going to make this soup tonight.

The best trees for indoor use.

Love these geometric stickers!

This Gluten & Dairy Free Chocolate Cake recipe looks absolutely divine.

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Wednesday, March 5

Mid-Week Inspiration for You...


I want to share this with you today because it applies to every single aspect of our lives. I think we all are on some sort of journey towards where we want to be tomorrow. For me, I'm on an entrepreneurial journey, a health journey, and a self sufficiency journey to name a few. It's easy to talk about where we want to be, but if we don't take action, we'll never get there. I find asking myself "is what I'm doing today getting me closer to where I want to be tomorrow?" a great way to get inspired, or make sure I'm moving in the right direction. It really helps in decision making! Try it, and let me know in the comments if you find this as helpful as I do, or what journey you are on.

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Tuesday, March 4

Road Trip Planning: Southern California




We are thinking about taking a road trip to Southern California to celebrate our birthdays. I have to say I'm much more of a 'beach bohemian' than a 'mountain bohemian'. I love warm weather, sand between my toes, swimming in the ocean, and soaking up the sun. With another round of snow hitting our house tonight, I'm ready for a beach vacation. We would like to camp on the beach, and will have our ocean kayaks with us. We'll also be checking out as many breweries as possible.

Do you have a favorite beach camping site, kayaking spot, or brewery we should check out? We appreciate any recommendations you have!

Monday, March 3