Tuesday, April 1

Hello, April!

Can you spot our 1971 Airstream buried in the snow?

April always proves to be any interesting month, weather-wise, in the mountains. It can be in the 60s and sunny one day, then a snowstorm will move in and quickly drop 5 feet of snow. We always seem to get a big upslope storm every April. When you live in the Front Range mountains, you know an upslope storm can mean 6 inches or 6 feet of snow.

The photo above is from April 2009, when we received 6 feet of heavy wet snow in 48 hours at our house {NOAA originally predicted 3 feet}. We were without power for 4 days & completely snowed in. We had a blast, thanks to a stocked refrigerator & keg fridge, plenty of candles and card games! The only thing we didn't have enough of was bottled water. That was an easy fix though; we just melted/boiled snow in soup pots on the top of our wood stove. I don't think our dog knew the difference, considering like most dogs, he enjoys eating snow!

Getting a big storm in April is never a bad thing for our area. It usually helps decrease the wildfire danger for a little while. And everything really starts blooming afterwards. So in our case, it's more like April 'snowshowers' bring May flowers.

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