Tuesday, May 13

Gardening: The Trees Arrived Today!

30 Englemann Spruce Tree Seedlings.

Englemann Spruce need shade & thrive at elevations of 8000 ft. & higher.

16 Potted Rocky Mountain Juniper Trees.

Rocky Mountain Junipers need full sun & the berries can be used to make medicinal teas.

175 Chokecherry, Wax Currant & Rocky Mountain Juniper Bare Root Trees.

I haven't transplanted bare root trees before. I'll let you know what I learn!

The trees arrived today, and I can't wait to plant them! The snow will hopefully melt in the next few days so I can get these in the ground. The spruce tree seedlings & potted junipers should be easy to transplant. I'm hoping transplanting the bare root trees goes well. Have you tried planting bare root trees before? Any advice? I'm going to a gardening class tonight that will hopefully cover how to do this. I also need to know how to store all of these trees until the snow melts. We have a shed that stays cool, so I'm thinking that might work. I will keep you posted on this project! And please keep your fingers crossed all of this snow melts soon!

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