Friday, April 25

Happy Arbor Day!


Happy Arbor Day {and Friday}! Arbor Day encourages all of us to take time to plant & care for our trees. The holiday originated in Nebraska in 1872, where an estimated one million trees were planted on the first Arbor Day. That is a lot of trees! If you would like to read more about the history of Arbor Day, check out this article. Many countries around the world now celebrate this holiday. The more trees, the merrier!

One of our goals is to plant more trees on our property. Last month, I placed an order for 200 bare root & seedling {both evergreen & deciduous} trees! Yes, we are going to be very busy soon. They arrive in May, which is better for our mountain planting season. We've started digging holes & prepping the soil. I'll give you more info and an update once the trees arrive & we start planting. So I technically won't be planting a tree today, but I'm going to give our existing trees a little love & take a walk in the nearby National Forest

If you would like more information about planting trees in your state, click here.

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