Friday, March 14

Weekend Reading


Happy Friday! After a long week, I'm so happy the weekend has finally arrived. I'm sure we'll be skiing, and I need to finish up our taxes. I always try to get them done in March to get it over with. Anything accounting related is like having teeth pulled, for me at least. I hope you all are doing something more fun than working on taxes! See you next week.

Here is what caught my eye this week:

A great roundup of some really cool wallpaper.

I could look at photos of rustic cabins all day long.

10 'people' foods you can share with your dog {I was surprised to see pineapple on the list!}.

I'm not into bird watching, but this Colorado festival looks fun, especially staying on a working farm/ranch.

I really like this gypsy soul hoop art piece.

Pendleton beach/bath towels. Enough said.

This zucchini noodle recipe looks really yummy! Gluten free, too.

A giveaway for Cocoa Manna, which is described as 'red-winey hot cocoa'. Sign me up!

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